Digital Collections

We in Banwarilal Bhalotia College Library contains and preserves rich digital collections and materials from past and promotes digital humanities scholarship. The sculptures, manuscripts and analogue contents were consulted and digital copies were reproduced by our Librarian (Sri Rajarshi Das) by visiting places of cultural importance in and around Asansol city.

The Digital Preservation Centre of our college aspires to engage and inform learners and turn them into scholar researchers. It provides a fascinating and impressive description of "history" - informative, artistic or reflexive. It endeavors not only to expand the field of knowledge, writing skills and technical skills but also to develop reflection, language, higher level thinking, social and artistic skills etc. It aims to become a Digital Archive on its own.

Following are the digital ‘Surrogate’ collections that we presently have with us.

   1. Pamphlets of Asansol Book Fair from the year 1982
   2. Chaitanya Ganoddipika
   3. Draupadir Bastraharan-Ballad
   4. Kartikeya Brata Katha
   5. Krishnajanmastami Bratakatha
   6. Mahabharat Birat Parva
   7. Mahabharat Santi Parva
   8. Ramayan
   9. Sculptures of Medieval Period of ‘Rarh Bangla’ area of West Bengal